Google Reader asks for confirmation?

In a phrase; "Is this new?"

I managed to intertwine a half dozen meetings with SES London and as a result I've been too busy to keep up with my RSS. I decided just to 'catch up' on all the items from The Register by just marking them as read.

This is new to me. Normally Google Reader does whatever I want and without questioning my orders. I do see the need, I suppose, for a "are you sure" on such as large group action... but I'm certainly not used to "are you sure" requests from Google. In fact, a number of Google Engineers have blogged about the failture of the "are you sure" approach and that an "undo" option is far superior.


Anonymous said…
I've been putting up with that message for about 2 weeks now. I sure wish they'd switch to an "undo" option before I go insane. ;-)

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