The unLottery. Yup; unLottery!

I can't help myself. Whenever I see anyone clever enough to "invent" a new keyword (in this case unlottery) I always have to go see what the search results look like.

In this case, GeoSweep have made sure they're there by bidding on the term. There's always the natural [unlottery] search results to think about, though.

The unlottery PPC creative also raises the thorny issue of hyphens. The phrase "unlottery" tends to be used by GeoSweep on their site and their offline marketing. The creative uses "un-lottery".

In truth, not only is it good practise to bid on both, its not unheard of for brand phrase like this to run into spelling requirement restrictions from Google's automated quality control.

There's also the issue of the negative search result. A title suggesting that "unlottery" is related to "scam" in some way. There's no GeoSweep connection that I can see (not that I looked hard). It's likely that the problem will fade naturally as other sites begin to rank for the phrase anyway.

So, right now, the SEO field is open for people who want to back GeoSweep and try and rank for [unlottery]. Blogs and sites who do this are better than enough people will pick up the term and start searching for [unlottery]. I think GeoSweep have coined something nice here. I think some people will search for the phrase.

It helps that GeoSweep are doing some pretty bold offline marketing too. There's a blimp floating around the Holborn skies of London.

So - there's the good chances of ranking for "unlottery" in the results and a good chance that people will be searching for it. So what? How do you make any money.

The good news here is that there will be a GeoSweep affiliate program. This means if you can send traffic to GeoSweep and that traffic become players on the unlottery you'll earn some cash.

What exactly is an unlottery, anyway?

GeoSweep's unlottery is a game based on location. Ah, now, there's a popular word from marketing circles these days. I believe GeoSweep's unlottery works like this; pick a location and if that location matches one of the locations picked during the day then you win.

I've a location+review style domain name that I keep on dreaming into turning into a location optimised blog. GeoSweep's unlottery would be excellent fro that. Beside every review I could put a GeoSweep link, based on that location, to the unlottery through the affiliate channel.

If you're a Foursquare competitor and if GeoSweep's affiliate program works well with mobile then the opportunities look very plump indeed!

Here's my unlottery prediction; the keyword [unlottery] will go from not competitive to very competitive in short order. It's one to watch.

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