Meet Firstborn: the Video

I'm sure somewhere in the world Firstborn are a competitor so - maybe - I shouldn't be blogging this. This is a cool vid, though, so I will.

Actually, it reminds me of a few years back when a Brighton based competitor was using "Bigmouthmedia aren't big enough to cope with your search campaign" as a pitch tactic. Crazy! But real.

My suggested solution at the time was simply to grab a video camera and do a tour of our offices. We didn't need to linger on people, do interviews, invest on production; just needed to show the size of the operation.

We didn't get around to doing it. We merged with Global Media instead.

I would have been mega pleased if we'd produced a video like this. The beauty of Firstborn's reel is that it's supposed to be a "meet the team" reel. That's the excuse for playing it. In reality, however, it's a show reel. It speaks volume for their creative skills (and their sense of humour; love it).

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