GetGlue soars as the check-ins exceed 10 million

I'm a fan of GetGlue. In just a matter of days it became the software I'd use to work out what book to read next. Software because I use it mainly as an Android App but it's a pretty slick web site too.

CEO Alex Iskold posted some impressive checkin stats today. They hit over 10 million check-ins and ratings in September. Just look at that ramp up.

GetGlue has the attention of some impressive names too., for example, (disclaimer; client) is integrated with GetGlue so you can socially browse, like or discuss DVDs as you consider your next purchase.

The screen grab below shows what the Caprica: The Feature Length Pilot looks like, at the bottom of the page, with GetGlue installed.

You don't actually need to install anything to use GetGlue. I find it incredibly helpful for social media research though.

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