The Bottom Line - "New Marketing"

Evan Davis, British economist, journalist and ...Image via WikipediaI do like the BBC program Bottom Line. You get CxO level people talking shop. Really valuable insights.

This week we've got a session on New media. New media seems to include search - is that really "new" any more?

On the program we've got Alex Cheatle, the CEO of Ten Group, Jasmine Montgomery, co-founder of Seven Brands and Robin Wight the president of Engine.

In the show Jasmine Montgomery suggests brands haven't worked out how to monetise new media like Facebook. I can think of quite a few brands who do very well - but perhaps they're the exception that prove the rule.

Poor old Evan Davis hadn't seen the Old Spice ad. There you go; we found someone who's not fed up of it yet :)

I was also impressed at how Engine Group's Robin Wight had a simple case of Samsung blogger outreach impress the other contributors as an example of clever, cutting edge, new media.

You can watch the program on iPlayer here if you're in the right geographies.

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