Who are the biggest social media agencies in the UK

DSC01142Image by noodlepie via FlickrThe NMA have their top 100 interactive agencies report out. By "top" I mean; biggest. Size is measured by UK income for digital.

LBi (inc bigmouthmedia) came third. We behind EMC Consulting who seem to have had a cracking year raising from income from £11,200,000 in the year before to an impressive £58,000,000 this year.

Not going to reveal the whole list as it's easy enough to register for the NMA and check yourself. PayWalls and all that.

This year I noticed a large number of agencies quoted social media as an earning channel in their breakdown. This gives us the chance to calculate who the largest social media agency in the UK is.

I worked through the top 20 in the full list, picked out the agencies that included social media as a breakdown and factored that percentage against their total UK digital income.

Amaze (a Design & Build agency) and Bluhalo/GyroHSR (a Marketing agency) declared the highest percentage of social media income - with each agency attributing a full 15% of their income to social media.

Endava is the only Technical agency in the list and they attributed 5% of their income to social media.

The NMA define three types of agency; Marketing, Design & Build and Technical. It's both good and interesting to see that all three types work in social media. The biggest two on the list; SapientNitro (£63,339,749) and EMC Consulting are both Design & Build.

On to the social media league!

Lbi / bigmouthmedia£5,338,700.00
EMC Consulting£1,740,000.00
Tullo Marshall Warren£622,500.00
Glue Isobar£491,450.00

So, the combined LBi and bigmouthmedia come top! I hope our teams will be proud of that. Does this mean anything?

The learnings I take from this is that Social Media doesn't seem to restrict itself to any one type of agency. The combined LBi / bigmouthmedia are the largest Marketing agency on the list but of course LBi has significant Design & Build and Technical capabilities.

I think the trend in Social Media is very much towards agencies that can take care of each aspect of social media and that seems to make sense to me. What do you think?

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