Unmasking @BPGlobalPR - @mrjoshsimpson

Josh Simpson is the man - the legend - behind @BPGlobalPR. He's a comedian from Los Angeles and has written/produiced for Funny or Die. He's been associated with the tragically short lived Tonight with Conan O'Brien.

He was the headliner, at least. A total of 15 people worked on the account and in this interview Josh says some of the best tweets came from them.

Do you have 15 people on your company Twitter account?

You need to read the whole interview. It's wonderful. Everything from trying to make t-shirts off the back of a “I’m sorry you’re upset. We’re trying to make this right. Let us send you a free BP Cares T-shirt for $25 shipping.” joke and more.

What @BPGlobalPR tells the advertising world is that digital media, social media, Twitter, lowers the barriers to entry to nothing at all. It may take a bit of luck and a bit of talent but anyone can step forward to become a hugely important individual. No amount of "network research" will reveal them before hand (and if you've heard me talk about the Principle of the Influential Individual you'll know my stance on this).

All in all; @BPGlobalPR represents a step in the evolution of PR and Social Media. I really believe that.

@BPGlobalPR also represents a really funny guy and his 15 friends successfully stepping up to the mark.

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