Rebrand watch: Virgin Media Online Movies

Virgin MediaImage via WikipediaThis isn't a normal hobby. I seem to have a thing for noticing when companies rebrand (Cushelle being a recent example) and blogging about it.

Today I've noticed that my usual email from FilmFlex didn't appear. I got an email from Virgin Media Online Movies powered by FilmFlex arrived instead. In fairness, it might have said that for the last few weeks but I noticed the "Virgin Media Online Movies" part today.

Sure enough; there is a website and it looks pretty slick too. Makes me wonder about Google TV. Imagine what you could do with a site like this that lets you preview and select movies via your laptop before pressing a button and getting to watch them on the big TV screen.

I am a geek. In December 2007 I wrote to FilmFlex to suggest/ask for RSS feeds. I'd still rather get RSS updates when a new movie becomes available via Virgin On Demand (or, er, I mean, Virgin Media Online Movies) than an email summary. I actually got a nice email back from Janis Thomas, Head of Marketing, who pointed me at some possible solutions.

Update: They've been doing this since June. That's why RSS is sometimes better than email.

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