Google to widen the range of SEO services offered to webmasters

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In the Norwegian version of Google's "Inside AdWords" blog the search giant has said it'll start to review, on request, websites for search reviews.

The blog post cites the success of Google Spain's efforts in running webmaster clinics.

Googlers Anu, Fredrik and Jonas write;

If you own a website, and have registered with Google Webmaster Tools, we encourage you to submit your site for participation by filling out this form with your website, contact person, phone number and e-mail address (this information will be used only in connection with this project and contact information will not be published in the article).

As it happens, Google's "Webmaster Clinics" are common in the UK. They're often found at big trade shows where Google has a large speaker area to itself. All too often the helpful advice is "Do more with PPC" (or comments to that effect) ... and I am aware that this news comes from an AdWords blog. There's very little SEO advice to be had from these Webmaster Clinics.

Nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see just how insightful the Nordic clinics are and whether Google starts to share anything juicy.

(Hat tip to Agnete for the news)

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