A good idea from SEMPO!

If for some crazy reason you've been reading this blog for a while - you'll know that I'm still looking for a reason why I should join SEMPO. Is there one?

I think the situation is worse in the UK where we never ever hear from SEMPO and certainly don't see them moving to promote the SEM industry as a whole. To be honest, any PR successes, etc that SEMPO US/Global might score don't reach my radar either.

That said, I think SEMPO have done the right thing by getting the New York/London based Econsultancy to manage the State of Search Marketing survey. It's worth nearly $250 and you get a copy for free by filling it out. I've worked with Econsultancy before for the Social Media and Online PR report (something of a world first) and I know how thorough they will be.

This year it looks like we may dodge annoying questions like average salaries (always inflated by idiots claiming to make millions with their one man band) and instead focus on the interaction with clients. One question asks about percentage of spend as a management fee; hopefully there will only be a few idiots who claim they only take a tiny amount (if you're entirely CPA then there's an alternative answer for you).

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