Charles Xavier for SEO, Dr House for analytics and other recruitment challenges

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I found myself tweaking job summaries on the other day. It was for a Facebook recruitment campaign and I wanted to drive all the traffic to our jobs page, one that plugs the benefits of working for us and then points to specific roles.

My challenge was with the very short summaries for the job roles. The CMS only allowed a few characters. I knew that each year, for example, Universities produce high level Math grads but I doubted many of them would know there was a possible career in digital marketing data analytics.

I wanted a way to describe the role by using really high level terms. Given the the lack of space I had I took to giving examples of the sort of famous person who might be good the role.

Here's what I did - what do you think? A few people I've spoken too started to ask questions like; "Who's Charles Xavier?" and "Who's Adam Smith?". Not sure what I think about that!

Search Analyst - Edinburgh
"This role mixes web skills with spreadsheet skills. Analysts may examine web traffic, assigning vistors or pages value in cold hard cash. Sherlock Homes and Doctor Gregory House would have made great search analysts."

Affiliate Manager - Edinburgh or London
"Affiliate Managers are internet savvy folks who are good at building relationships with people, offering helpful advice and distilling useful insights from facts and figures. Richard Branson and Warren Buffet would be great affiliate managers."

SEO Account Managers - London
"Help big brands cope not just with search engines but how the web sees their site, integrate search campaigns with social media, usability, TV campaigns, etc and work with a market leader. Charles Xavier and Barack Obama would be great SEO Managers. "

PPC Campaign Manager – Manchester/London
"Our PPC team gets involved in ad placement at Facebook, widget networks, RSS ads, beta tests, etc as well as impressive Google, Bing, et al auctions. Adam Smith and Jeff Bezos would be strong PPC Managers."

Which famous people would you suggest as good examples of each role?

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