Question of the Day: Hammertime in Google

Sometime there are truly hard questions. I fear this is one. A user – known as Hammertime – has posed a particular challenge to Google’s AdWords team. In his own words:

How does a new musician figure out his music is any good before spending money to market

Ah yes. That age old problem. Do I suck or not?

Hammertime then moves swiftly on to the meat of his help request.

I write all my own music and want everyone to hear it and give feed back on how to make it better but don’t want to pay if it isn’t getting me anywhere to help me be better at what I do!!!!

Except, I’m not really giving the post all the credit it is due. The actual post was entirely it capital letters.

People often complain that Google doesn’t respond to every post in the AdWords help centre.

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