The philippine nursing board exam 2009 and Google hot trends

I'm always curious about what makes it into Google's Hot Trends and why. Very often it's TV and news. TV quizzes, in particular, encourages thousands of people across America to search for the same thing at the same time. News events, of course, also have people searching en mass - we've seen just how significant the Tour de France has been for search traffic this year. Almost each stage has made it into the top hundred as people checked to see who won.

Right now (although we're past the peak) we have the search [philippine nursing board exam 2009] trending.

I could quite easily believe that there are enough internet users in the Philippines to push onto the hot trends. After all we regularly see UK events make the trends at Twitter - such as the Dean Street /Soho Fire.

Here's the catch though. Google's hot trends is supposed to be USA only. Are there really that many Philippine nurses in America right now who sat the exams in the Philippines and are all logging in to check the results today? I doubt this search was inspired by a US quiz show either.

Most likely is that these are actual students in the Philippines who are searching for the nursing board exam results. Google's just mis-classifying them as American traffic. That's something to think about the next time you restrict your PPC campaign to USA only.

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