Google Analytics not compatible with IE8?

Internet Explorer 8 BetaImage by Dekuwa via Flickr

I've not bothered to grab IE8 yet (nor Firefox 3.5, for that matter) but this question on Google's AdWords help forum caught my attention.

RolandV writes,

When I try to access my Analytics account through the Analytics tab under "Reporting" in AdWords, I consistently (on various accounts) get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". However, this works fine when I do the same in Chrome.

Is this a bug in AdWords, IE8, both? What do I have to do when I want to use IE8, not Chrome?

RolandV, I suspect, will be writing about the AdWords version of Google Analytics rather than trying to access Google Analytics directly (it's the same thing; just a different colour).

Does anyone else suffer from this issue?

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