Who's lost their 10/10 PageRank score?

I'm so not a PageRank addict but I'm watching the current drama unfold with interest. People do care about PageRank. Those people who say PageRank is dead - are now blogging about PageRank. I just said I'm not a PageRank addict and here I am with this blog post about PageRank.

I thought I'd take a look and see who's lost their PageRank 10/10. Okay; now the caveat - this PageRank update seems very unstable right now. It's entirely possible that the toolbar PageRank values will have changed by the time you've read this post. It's also possible that there are new redirects in place.

For my original list of sites with PageRank 10/10 I'm using Search Engine Genie's list. I'm a "Nofollow" type of linker but, in this case, Search Engine Genie scores a hit with their linkbait and gets the straight link from me.

Every one of these sites once had PageRank 10/10. What do they have now?
Title         URLNew PageRank
Adobe Acrobathttp://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html10/10
World Wide Web Consortiumhttp://www.w3.org/10/10
Apple - QuickTimehttp://www.apple.com/quicktime/8/10
Keio Universityhttp://www.keio.ac.jp9/10
National Aeronautics and Space Administrationhttp://www.nasa.gov9/10
Apple Computershttp://www.apple.com9/10
Google Searchhttp://www.google.com10/10
W3C CSS Validation Servicehttp://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/10/10
The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematicshttp://www.ercim.org9/10
MIT Laboratory for Computer Sciencehttp://www.lcs.mit.edu10/10
National Science Foundationhttp://www.nsf.gov10/10
Apache Software Foundationhttp://www.apache.org/9/10
The White Househttp://www.whitehouse.gov10/10
Real Mediahttp://www.real.com9/10
Stat Counterhttp://www.statcounter.com6/10

A quick count on my screen suggests there are 20 sites there and 11 of them have lost their 10/10 score. So, 55% of sites which had PageRank 10/10 have lost it.

Now, as further proof that everyone is talking about PageRank again here's a Forbes article on the latest update. Congratulations to Barry Schwartz, Rand Fishkin and Loren Baker for their page space (which is probably more important than PageRank, anyway) in the article.


Sam Freedom said…
I'd noticed StatCounter's plummet; not a drop, a plummet. I always wonder what was behind their PR10 in the first place.

Made me wonder if there was any nepotism going on, or what...

Anyways, the real reason PR doesn't matter is because if you don't find a way around it then you're nothing more than Google's bitch and I ain't no one's bitch, period.
Anonymous said…
Interesting that StatCounter should get so slammed. ;-)

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