Another nightmare for Apple - Royal Mail strikes

The post office is on strike here in the UK. Mail isn't coming through. At the end of this post I'll show you Amazon UK's homepage and how they're on top of the situation.

I ordered my ipod Touch ages ago. It was due to ship on the 28th and arrive on the 2nd of October. Apple didn't manage this. The next thing I get is an email which looks like this:

That's the Gmail view with images allowed.

Thankfully I suspected there might be some text in the darkness and so I selected the area.

Look at that. If you imagine that everyone in the UK is effected by deliveries not getting through and a decent percentage of these people are using Gmail then you can imagine a whole lot of people are not oing to get their ipod touch and will left wondering why.

I'm making a big assumption here. I'm assuming Apple are using the Royal Mail to send out their ipods.

Even if Apple aren't using the Royal Mail they (and every other retailer which relies of shipping) would be well advised to put concerned shoppers at ease.

Phew. It's safe enough to order from Amazon. Perhaps I should have bought my new ipod touch from them?

Oh. While we're at it... what does the Royal Mail website have to say about the strikes? Nothing.

Update It's not the Royal Mail who are trying to deliver my ipod Touch. It's TNT. I still don't have my ipod but Apple were very helpful on the phone.


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