PPC Earthquake and e-Consultancy's roundtables

I was lucky enough to be able to take part in two e-consultancy roundtables yesterday. We had discussions on viral marketing and on Online PR. The roundtable for Online PR was particularly busy and Daryl Willcox has a good write-up.

I think we'll see "traditional PR" and "online PR" begin to move closer together. Right now, for SEO firms, "PR" tends to stand for (PageRank) Press Release rather than Public or Press Relations. The buzz around social media optimisation is also likely to result in more SEO firms' PR offering maturing and evolving. I'm not sure if the two (three?) will ever meet in the middle but there is certainly a lot to be had from online savvy PR firms working closely with SEO agencies today.

I'm looking forward to Chinwag's PPC Earthquake. In particular I'll be looking forward to talking to Nigel Leggatt, Marketing Manager of Micrsoft adCenter.

PPC Earthquake is a good name. This mini-conference owns that keyword space. Danny's SMX has the same intelligence behind it. I would run sweepstakes on how long Santa Maria Airport can hold it's #1 position for the term but I would have to payout multiple winners based on geography and personalisation!


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