MIVA beats Google at Condé Nast

Here in the UK, MIVA have won a prestigious account with Condé Nast. The pay-per-click engine gets exclusive rights at powering the PPC content network for all 12 sites controlled by Condé Nast Interactive U.K. This means 54 million extra impressions for MIVA. The sites include Stylefinder, Vogue.com and Vanityfair.co.uk.

MIVA beat Yahoo and kicked off Google.

This is also an email deal. I suspect it may have been that which won it for them. MIVA will also put their pay-per-click adverts in 500,000 opt-in emails. Here's a comment from MIVA's press release which talks about it.
"Two MIVA Pay-Per-Click Ads will be displayed in each email newsletter through MIVA's proprietary MIVA Mail technology. The technology which underpins MIVA Mail ensures that the latest Ads from across MIVA's network are displayed regardless of when emails are opened."

Gosh. I'm almost tempted to sign up to a newsletter to see how the updating content ads work. An iframe or JavaScript insert in an HTML newsletter? Risky! Spam and security filters around the world will brickwall those emails.

Any one got an example of an email with a MIVA Mail ad in it?


Anonymous said…
hey mate...miva has developped a product for that, do you think they ignore the problem with JS in the emails ??

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