Nicely done Lycos: Lycos MIX PR

I subscribe to a load of RSS feeds. I use Google Reader. I guess there's a YouTube announcement today about a new "Streams" feature. It's not yet hit my RSS radar.

How come I know about it then? Lycos told me. The email was 'signed' by Kathy O'Reilly, Director of Public Relations.

I think this is a good email. A good PR email. It is a response to YouTube's "streams" feature. It's been sent to my bigmouthmedia address - we, of course, have a very popular news email and RSS feed.
If you are planning a story on YouTube's new "Streams" feature, I'm hoping you'll include a mention of Lycos MIX ( and the Lycos Watch & Chat Technology, launched in November 2006.

Skill. Just skillful. Of course I'm likely / bigmouthmedia is likely to write about YouTube news (although I'll leave that for someone else - we have a pool system where people get to pick what interests them). When you're writing you want to sound intelligent and well informed. One way to achieve that is to reference similar products, especially if they're not so well known (but perhaps should be) and launched some time ago.

This is a good email from Lycos because they're very likely to ride on the back of YouTube's news. A little.

Kathy (or her team) then go on to say:
Before YouTube's announcement today, Lycos launched its Cinema Platform in Nov., featuring the web's first watch & chat technology, where users can view video content in synchronous real-time, with EVERYONE watching the SAME video at the SAME time, regardless of when they enter the room.

Good. If I was going to mention Lycos' Cinema Now in any news article on YouTube streaming then I'm likely to be comparing the two. Lycos is reminding me of why Cinema Now might be better. They're also making it easier to compare the two and therefore making it easier for me to write about Lycos.

That said; I suspect this wasn't the type of blog post Lycos hoped I would write! Ah... the tricky nature of 'social media optimisation'


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