Cheapflights CEO warns against Google trap

When I read the title of the article I knew I was going to blog about it. "Cheapflights CEO warns against Google trap" (log in needed).

The trap, according to David Soskin, is threefold. You have to combine your PPC and your organic search. You need to learn through trial and error. You need to diversify rather than just count on Google.

I agree with all three points.

If you're running a large PPC campaign then it can be easily to rely on Google and, sometimes, Yahoo and MSN simply do not have the volume to keep up. That really is an area to watch.

There are no quick wins, certainly not in SEO and even with PPC - although you can make quick and decisive steps - you do need data and time on your side to begin to really optimise the account.

You certainly need to combine your PPC and SEO strategies. There are very few agencies known for good SEO and good PPC and so it can be a challenge for some big brands to find help here.

Ahem. Now for the other reason why I knew I would be blogging about these comments from's SEO conference. I was pleased to see that Soskin cited British Airways as a company that deployed a good search engine marketing strategy. Clearly I can't discuss that much at all but I think BA has done very well with Google Earth and the marketing campaign around it.


JC said…

It's quite right not to just be "in bed" with google for organic search and PPC. Eggs in one basket and all that.

But as Google continue to dominate both markets, more often than not they're the first one that you really want to sleep with. Some serious competition is needed.

You only have to compare the ad (PPC) interfaces of google/yahoo/msn to realise just how superior google is in paid ad placement.

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