Flickr tags Android Instagram as "iphoneography"

This is the morning after Instagram updated its T&Cs to be in align with Facebook's guidance. As with Facebook, advertisers can pay in order to have their message displayed alongside your photos in an ad targeted at someone else.

Plenty of people in the Instagram community don't like this. We've seen this before whenever Facebook makes a change. However, I don't think I know a single person to quit Facebook over a privacy tweak. It is beginning to look like the same will not be true for Instagram.

I've had plenty of fresh connections and activity on my Flickr page today. It might help that I've been quite liberal in cross-sharing pictures from Instagram to Flickr.

Oddly, this means I've a busy "iphonegraphy" tag.

As the yellow highlighted area above shows; Flickr has automatically (or perhaps its Instagram passing the tag to Flickr) been describing my photos with "iphonegraphy".

I've had an iPhone but none of my Instragrams have been taken with it. This tag, not set by me, is incorrect. I use an Android phone.

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