Is this the most stupid thing Facebook has ever done?

Resized I'm with stupidImage via WikipediaImagine the scenario; you’re an administrator of a fanpage on Facebook. You happily engage with the community, posting on the Wall, leaving comments on other people’s contributions, thanking the helpers, spreading the love while carefully acting as admin and moderator.

Sound good?

Facebook has now made this impossible.

A platform change at Facebook, made last night, now means fanpage administrators can no longer comment on wall posts on fanpages (even their fanpage) by fans who are not also their friend. In other words, unless the administrator is a personal friend of the wall poster they cannot comment on their wall posts.

It’s not a surprise that many people thought this was a bug and there’s a helpful insight on the issue on the Custom Fanpage Center.

There’s already, as you can expect, a healthy "debate" on the developers forums about this.

If you’re willing to put a bit of dev time into your fanpage then Fan Page Help Center has a workaround.

I’m not aware of any official response from Facebook on this one. That might be because they’re still trying to escape the plastic bag they’re trapped in.

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