Google tests credit card interest rate email service

The news today isn't just that lots more users at are able to see Google engaged in another Comparison ad test - although it certainly is. Google's actually been testing Comparison ads in the UK for at least 12 months. I can name plenty of suppliers on it.

Weirdly, one of my first thoughts when I saw this today was "I'm surprised to see Google using under scores in their display URL". So, I clicked.

Anyway, here it is;

The new bit of news is the email alert service Google is also pushing. Did you think Google would go into email marketing?

The text says; "Get interest rates updates by email", Google pretends it doesn't know your email address (even though you're probably logged in) and then asks for a frequency.

What next? Vouchers? Email alerts when coupons become available? Hey. That's an idea. Google should buy Groupon and look into that... oh, wait, yeah.

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