A call to arms: Work with social media? Demand answers #bmmec

It's Friday. Hopefully you're winding down for the weekend and have time for a tweet or two!

On Twitter Dan Webster asked;

Qu. Does crowdsourcing actually work (or does it lead to 'average'/bland answers)? #bmmecless than a minute ago via Chromed Bird

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I'm hoping crowd sourcing will not result in the bland. I'm hoping that because I've asked @bigmouthmedia and @econsultancy to let the social sphere ask questions for some of the next Social Media and Online PR Report.

In other words; are their any questions you would like business to answer about their plans or current use of social media?

For example, do businesses intend to spend more on social media next year? Do they think location is a fad? Do they still struggle with ROI? If you think those examples are a pile of silt then that's all the more reason to ask your own.

There's a bigmouthmedia question page you can use if you need to reference this social media experiement again. It's easy enough though; ask your question on Twitter and include the hashtag #bmmec. We'll pick from there.

Who knows; perhaps you'll ask such a great question that you'll spart a great debate in your Twitter stream and grow your followers.

Why a call of arms? To defend your reputation. I want to make sure that all the social media talent out there doesn't make the whole fledgling industry look bad by failing to ask a decent number of questions. My gut feeling is that we'll be okay. The social media people I know are good at asking questions - and they're rarely bland!

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