Keeping Keeley - would you?

Today there’s much fanfare about the latest creative from Lynx (known as Ax in the States).

The campaign features a page-3 model and “aspiring accress” called Keeley Hazell and centres around a 15 minute game. You’ve got to twist and turn to try and keep Keeley happy. Lynx’s is new product is called Twist.

Also today, via Unruly Media comes a video ad for the effort. I’m showing it below so you can see the flavour for yourself – it’s a typical Lynx ad!

Here’s the thing though. The game is played on Facebook. It’s an application.

This is the decision you have to make.

Would you let such an application access all your Facebook friends data? Can you imagine what it might do with Facebook messages and a game featuring a page-3 topless model?

Whereas I like the video and think Lynx have been really creative here – I think they’ve got themselves a challenge on their hands. I think there’s a whole bunch of agencies involved too – TMX, Mindshare and Freud Communications. Good luck!

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