Backing Blackblaze; siding with David against the giants

As much as I like Bing and as much as I’m impressed with Google Wave I’m not giving them my vote in the 2009 Crunchies.

Instead I’m going to support a backup company I’ve been running on my home laptop and travelling laptop, without bother, for over a year now: Backblaze.

Not only do I find Backblaze gives me the peace of mind of automatic backups but it gives me access to my documents in the Cloud. If I’m travelling around I might work on a PPT file on my small laptop. The next day in the office I’ll be able to have Backblaze email me a copy of that very same PPT.

I’ve written about them before so won’t do it again. Instead I’ll supply the link to the Crunchies voting page and encourage you to do the same (and perhaps ask anyone why they thought they were familiar with enough with Chrome OS to consider voting for it!)

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