Bing’s political hot potatoes tour of the United Kingdom

By and large Bing does a good job of describing the United Kingdom and component kingdoms and principalities at the footer of its search results. There are, however, some political hot potatoes!

Here’s one. The official currencies of the United Kingdom? The Euro and the Pound.

That’ll have Tory bloggers frothing.

What about the official representative for England?

Yes, that’s right. Liam Donaldson!

Now there are a number of contenders for who the Liam Donaldson might be. Wikipedia’s main Liam Donaldson is currently the Chief Medical officer for England. Let’s go with him for now.

Scotland does pretty well. I’m from Edinburgh so I’d debate whether the official language of Scotland is “Scottish English”. I think we speak English pretty well, ken?

Wales scores strongly. They don’t speak Welsh English. They speak Welsh and English and are classified as a country.

Poor old Northern Ireland doesn’t trigger a country response from Bing though.

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