Zavvi, Zavvi, Zavvi, oih!

Affiliates start your engines. Race!

The Virgin Megastores chain has been sold - to itself. Branson sold all the UK and Irish megastores to a management buyout team.

Here's the SEO angle. The new team is going to rebrand the stores 'Zavvi'. If you quickly pop over to Google and do a [Zavvi] search you'll see that the number one position is up for grabs. In fact, the whole of page #1 is going to be a land rush.

It'll be interesting to see if any of 'Zavvi's' mainstream competitors - HMV, CDWOW, etc, risk a brand bidding strategy. It's not very ethical but I doubt Zavvi will get the trademark paperwork done in time for launch at Google. It's more likely we'll see affiliates brand bidding and that's a different kettle of fish.

Update: I don't think they have the .com. The was registered on the 5th of this month by "Broomco".


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