Everyclick hires agencies

Everyclick is a UK based search engine that shares its money with charities. The deal is simple; when people click on the (Ask powered) sponsored links alongside the organic listings, Everyclick gives a portion of that revenue to charities.

They've given £250,000 already to charities and are the UK's eighth largest search engine. I've had noodles with Polly Gowers, Everyclick's CEO and founder, and she's a great laugh - which counts for a lot in my book!


Everyclick have appointed Edelman and Geronimo to make more people aware of Everyclick. This can only be a good thing? They're going to target print and web.

I have to wonder (and hope) that Everyclick run a "feel good" campaign. I think that will contrast sharply against Ask's more gloomy and spooky campaign. I think Everyclick will be more successful.


Anonymous said…
Hi Andrew. Thanks for the compliment!

We’re nearly at the £300,000 mark now and share the money between 170,000 charities from global players such as Save the Children down to local causes like the village schools.

Geronimo and Edelman’s brief is to drive awareness of Everyclick both though traditional media and online using social networks and a blog to connect directly with people working to make the world a better place.

It’s early days yet but I’ve started up www.pollyclicks.com to do just that – I’d love any thoughts, comments, or feedback.

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