Careful congratulations to Rand and the SEOmoz team

If I had more hours in my day I would actively check SEOmoz. For a start, when Rand and his team write about something you can expect a "mini fashion wave" to ripple through some of your competitors or your clients' competitors!

Today Rand announced a likely $1,250,000 investment from VC funds and that Vanessa Fox might be joining SEOmoz's newly formed board.

It's a well written post.

I'm surprised Rand wrote the post. It shows how much he cares about this community. Why my surprise? You don't normally announce VC funding until it's signed and secured. I don't know if the VC (or partner) is annoyed but I would imagine other VCs are stroking their chin and wondering whether they should put in a last minute counter offer. Was that Rand's plan? I doubt it.

He must also be fairly confident that Vanessa will come on board. If she doesn't then people are going to ask why.

I'm pleased for SEOmoz, I don't think this was a stupid post, it was just a slightly risky one and I wish the team well!


Peter Young said…
TBH I am not suprised that Vanessa Fox has become involved with SEOMoz. They obviously get on very well, having seen a number of interviews between the two over the years (during her time as Product Manager for Webmaster Tools at GOogle).

Again its nice to see someone really pushing forward in the SEO arena (apart from yourselves of course :))

I would suggest things must be very nearly complete, as you and I both now that there is always a chance of the wheels coming off until the very last minute

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