Iron Mountainview

I do enjoy a little M&A speculation myself. I think it's my turn to ponder on which big name Google might acquire next.

Iron Mountain is a company which backs up tapes and paper files for companies. Offices run out of storage eventually and the likes of lawyers firms are obliged to keep paper records for years on end.

Iron Mountain, of course, sees the need to broaden its services towards the digital end. Last month Iron Mountain bought Accutrac Software for an undisclosed sum of money.

Accutrac offers an electronic interface for offices wishing to browse though records in archive.

There are a lot of problems with this speculation, though. Google doesn't like buying companies like this - old, established, paper based. It would be a big buy. There's also a possible backlash if Google buys even more information.

I think this combination would appeal greatly to Google and their mission to index the world's information. Iron Mountain has a lot of information in its records.

Further more, Iron Mountain as relationships with offices all across the globe and would be a useful springboard if Google wished to introduce its own online software to these businesses.


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