I'm now a Feedburner

I've avoided Feedburner until now.


I'm old school. Heck. In Search terms I'm ancient. I first came to RSS as means to build links and the Feedburner got in the way of that. Even when RSS and subscribers became a more important/more likely Quality Signal than the likely links generated I wanted to remain in control of my RSS source.

Today Feedburner and Blogger joined up. It's now possible to integrate Feedburner and BlogSpot so that Blogger automatically redirects to Feedburner.

In addition, Feedburner's MyBrand is free.

As a result I can automatically publish Feedburner RSS to an arhg.net domain. Indeed; you'll find this blog's RSS at http://feeds.arhg.net/AndrewRHGirdwood - but you shouldn't need to update a thing. Just subscribe, m'kay?


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