The Googler who met Colin Powell in Google's laundry room... leaves Google

Back in 2005 Google's blog hinted that something funny had happened in Mountain View. They linked to Gleemie's LiveJournal.

It's a great story. In Gleemie's own words:
After a team meeting at work, I stopped by the laundry room to wash some undergarments. Yes, we have a laundry room at work.

I have a handful of tighty whities in hand, headed for the washing machine and the door opens. It's Colin Powell. He greeted me.

Nervously cracking up, I said hi back. He asked me what I'm doing.

"Washing my underwear". Filing in after him to hear the truth were Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and a throng of other Googlers who have come to show Colin Powell our laundry room.

"Well, you're mixing colors!" Colin Powell said as he looked into the washing machine, noting that I've already dumped a pair of black jeans in there.

"I don't want to waste water!" I explain.

I got to press the flesh and explain to Colin Powell what a UI designer does, since he stared at me slightly blankly when I responded to his question of "What do you do here?" with "UI Designer."

But mostly, I shamed my company. :)

I've been reading her blog ever since.

Today brings the news that Gleemie (I'm using the LJ name for the sake of privacy) announced she would be departing Google.
It's more and more official. Two weeks ago, I told my boss and my director at work that I'm going to grad school in the fall. Yesterday, I sent out an email to people and teams at work announcing my coming departure.

Good luck!


gleemie said…
Wow! I didn't know I had a reader so far away who would be interested enough to post about me. Hello!

In truth, I actually have paperwork filed to do a part-time gig doing research at Google (I currently do design) but it could fall through. At the time of the post, though, it was my genuine conclusion that I was leaving. And, in some sense, I am since I'm moving 450 miles away from that laundry room.

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