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I was just updating my linkedin account (which I rarely find time to do - but should do more often) and was distracted by the "LinkedSEO" group. It's an invite only group for, you guessed it, SEO.

One of the features I like best about the web site is the ability to drill down to a geographic location (American city or country) and see who's the most linked in. Here's the top 15 connected SEOs in the United Kingdom. I know some of them!

1David Deutsch500+11Online Marketing Professional ( Kingdom
2Giotto De Filippi []500+10Search Engine OptimizationUnited Kingdom
3David Rosam500+4Search Engine Optimized Copywriting, Online Strategy and Pay Per Click specialistUnited Kingdom
4Mike Nott500+4Head of Search Marketing at PartyGaming PlcUnited Kingdom
5Francesco Maugeri500+1Sem, seo and digital marketing specialistUnited Kingdom
6Rob Kerry3243evilgreenmonkey - SEO Consultant & Search Marketing ExpertUnited Kingdom
7Gilles Bourdin2031COO and partner at NetBooster Search MarketingUnited Kingdom
8James Sandoval1883Technology & Analytics Director, Neo@Ogilvy (London)United Kingdom
9Jason Hall1620Director, Search Engine Marketing at Shopzilla.comUnited Kingdom
10Aurelia Noel1568Senior Manager, Strategic MarketingUnited Kingdom
11Alex Horstmann1257Senior User Interface Engineer at Tideway Systems LtdUnited Kingdom
12Rob Collyer1205Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialist, Web Developer & ProgrammerUnited Kingdom
13Matt Peskett1195Managing Director - Firetop LimitedUnited Kingdom
14Andrew Girdwood1170Head of Search at bigmouthmediaUnited Kingdom
15Jeremy Sulzmann1092Content & SEO Lead - Social Media at AOL EuropeUnited Kingdom

Well done to David. If you're called David you've a 2/5 chance of being in the top 5 :)

On a more serious note it's good to see Rob Kerry/ evilgreenmoney from SEW's forums listed so high - shows that the voice of the forums is planted firmly in the middle of the SEO community.

The full list is here on LinkedSEO and if you know me at all then my profile is public too.


Unknown said…
Thanks for the shout out Andrew and good to see you at the top of the list. Would be cool to meet up with you at a future LondonSEO event :)
Anonymous said…
i have engaged in a bit of linked in SEO. I changed my profile so that my name became

First name : Trevor Ginn
Second name | eBay consultant

This goes into the title tag of the gate, helping you get picked out for relevant searches.
Anonymous said…
Hi Andrew, unfortunately we haven't had time to get our LinkedSEO community ideas of the ground yet, but would be good if you can make it to one of our upcoming meets.

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