Google Payment Limited

On Internet Money Day I wrote about Google Checkout coming to the UK and how they would have had to set up a UK based company for the required FSA regulations.

As it happens our senior Finance Vertical Strategist, Chris Cathcart, happened read the post. He's furnished me with information that only finance savvy people can seem to produce! I believe Chris paid a whopping £1 for this information.

So, who runs Google Payment Limited?
There are six or seven directors of Google Payment Limited. The "or 7th" is Taylor Wessing Secretaries Limited.

The company was incorporated back on the 11th of August 2006 - far before Checkout launched in the UK. The headquarters are in Belgrave House - that's Google's main building in the UK (and where a lot of the mobile development goes on).

I actually have the home addresses of the Directors of Google Payment Limited. I'm not going to blog them though. I think that would be unethical.


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