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The Google Analytics blog brings some delightful news.

It is now possible to cross-segment by network location again. This means I can dig up the stats on my iCrossing post or Google Payment Limited post and see which agencies and search engine staff looked at them.

Oh; there are other new bits too;
  • Hourly Reporting
  • Clickable URLs
  • Increased number of data rows per page
  • Bounce Rate increase/decrease
  • AdWords Integration
Google also now recognises that is a search engine. They're going to struggle on that one. It's going to be hard to scale. Who decides when a site is popular enough and searchy enough to be counted as a search engine by Urchin?


Anonymous said…
Yes they certainly are.

Unfortunately I have already found several mistakes in their "Tracking Code Migration Guide Switching from urchin.js to ga.js"

The most important one was a syntax error on page 7. - Tracking a page in multiple accounts

new code syntax line 11:
var secondTracker = _gat.getTracker("UA-67890-1");
is missing an _ before getTracker

Couldn't find anywhere to contact them.
Andrew Girdwood said…
Yep. I know. There a whole host of little bugs. We found some too.

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