Yes, but what about Blogger?

I love Google Reader. I got excited when Google announced you could now view the number of subscribers your feed had on Google Reader or Google IG.

It works via the http header. This is geeky. If we worked out what percentage of bloggers didn't have a scooby as to what an http header was then we'd be looking at a large number.

I use Blogger for this blog. I will. It's a personal project. As a Blogger user I cannot use this new Google Reader feature. Blogger doesn't let me look at the http headers.

As a Blogger user I can't use the Webmaster Console either as I can't upload my verification file to BlogSpot. I can't view my backlinks.

The Google Tribes need to coordinate more. They do. Is the rest of Google trying to push me out of Blogger?


JC said…
Hi Andy,

Yes, http header analysis - what a lot of faff and just not do-able with blogger. Feedburner is suggested as the way forward (see the google reader blog) - stats should be available sometime over this weekend apparently.

I think the reader team are missing a trick here.

re: verification - no you can't upload a file but you can modify your template to include an additional META verification tag.

Pub calling ...great!



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