Comments coming - despite Google's wi-fi woes

Over at Google's Webmaster Central Blog Vanessa Fox has posted to let us know that comments are coming to that blog. The webmaster blog will be among the first Google blogs to tackle the thorny issue of comments. We're also told that the Webmaster Console is coming out of the beta.

I'm not surprised that the Webmaster Console made it. I am surprised that comments are coming so soon.

I recall a Googler describing the (then) Sitemap XML as a project which would either succeed hugely or fail hugely. It's succeeded hugely. Although some SEOers dislike and distrust it (they dislike anything which empowers the average webmaster in the ways of SEO) the rest of the internet has really embraced it.

I'm intrigued as to how the Google comments will work. At the tail end of last year I wrote about comments 2.0 in the hope that Google would find something new. Have they? Already? It seems so soon. Perhaps Google have simply hired the man power needed to approve or ignore all the comments they'll get.

Oh. My favourite thing about Vanessa's post? That she was two meters away from me inside the Speakers' room at SES London when she (coffee in hand) hit the Publish button.

At SES London we found this news out a few minutes before the rest of the world as Matt Cutts announced it during his keynote interview with Chris. He scouted the room for Vanessa first. "It's not posted!" she shouted, "There's no wifi here!". I feel her pain. There is the ghost of wifi here. You can sometimes see the SES network blipping onto your radar, sometimes get connected (if you know the password) but rarely have enough juice to establish even an HTTP connection before the network fails again. Ah! Conferences!


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