Live Search

I'm glad I found time to brush up this blog. I mentioned Bill Slawski by name on my last post and I suspect a Google Blog Alert (which are awfully quick these days) tipped him off. In just a few minutes I had Bill and Danny leaving comments on ARHG. Kudos to Bill to updating his SearchEngineLand post and for his further post on interesting Google patents. Boo hiss to the US Patent Office as I still can't buy the damn things.

Since I found time to update this blog I thought I'd try and pull Search Commands* back into life to. What better starting place than changing the old MSN profile to a new Live Search profile. No where else! So that's what I did. I found time to add in the exclusive LinkFromDomain command and discovered that it's a bit flaky. It had no results for many well known domains. This week Live Search's IP command was also poorly.

Live Search's has also begun to tempt me into setting them as my default search engine is new, though.


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