Gosh. Two posts in one week! Is the world ending? Have I come strangely addicted to blogging? No! No! (or I hope not on both accounts).

I'm simply enjoying the gap between Christmas and Hogmanay (or New Year as SEO Sassenachs would call it). Addictions are much more likely to be in the form of tracking down episodes 128 and onwards of Inuyasha on YouTube, or anywhere, now that Google's pulled the series or through Untold Legends 2 on the PSP.

That Untold Legends 2 link goes to Amazon (old habits die hard - I paid for the second time through Uni via SEO and affiliate deals) and it reminds me that I've not been on the site in aaages. How can I tell? Amazon have keywords in the URL. I would have noticed that the very second that happened if I was a regular visitor. These days, yep, I tend to go to Tesco, Tesco Direct or Game. Linky!

With this brief lease of extra time I've taken a few hours to muck around with Blogger. I can't be accused of doing that in the past! Gosh. I am determined to use Blogger for this blog. This is Google'n'Blog. It seems appropriate. I'll Wordpress elsewhere. Google has so much work to do - still, and this is Blogger 2. The new custom layout options do not, and may never, work with FTP publishing. Although there is a lot still to do I can see why Google like the system. It's simple. It scales. The $dollar$ variables remind me of old TinyMUSH code (and that's showing my heritage). First off was fixing a bug in this new (to me) template. The bottom of posts end with <$I18N$LinksToThisPost> which, clearly, does not look right. It just takes a second to work out that the second dollar is in the wrong place. It should be <$I18NLinksToThisPost$>. You could just change that to "Links To This Post" as HTML text though. I say that because I've not yet found a way to change the values of the $variables. Keep in mind I've only been mucking around for a few hours and most of that time seems wasted on waiting for the entire blog to re-post after each tweak!

The "personal opinion" disclaimer has been put back in. It's naff but something tells me that that's important. The blog title Andrew Girdwood now links home. The 302 redirect on the domain level is now a 301. Not sure why I had it as a 302 to begin with... I suspect I had plans to grow a little portfolio or test site at the domain and have the blog as a part of it. Well. Ahem. Should that ever happen then Google will pick the changes up quickly enough for me. Individual blog post headings (like <$I18N$LinksToThisPost>) on the front page link to the actual blog posts. I've kept them as >h3< tags too.

Yes!    *gasp*

H tags as links!

I did it! I did!

It makes perfect logical sense to me. The title of the post/article/story goes to the page for that post/article/story. The front page (think of a news paper) as an overall heading and then is divided into equally important sections - which are the <h3> areas.

This is not spam. I shudder to imagine the number of people who would worry about this.

I'll continue to muck around with Blogger and look for improvements. Hopefully Google will do the same. I'm hopeful that now it's on a new platform it'll be easier to maintain, tweak and improve.


i got that on my blog too, thanks

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