Google crawling Google Finance

The days of me anally watching everything Google did are gone. I wish that wasn't the case. I wish I had time to be a fan boy. It is a badge of pride. At work, I now have teams of people who watch what Google does and report to me. I'm still informed but it means I rarely get to "discover" stuff myself any more. A good thing I'm not an American guru who has to break discoveries to the blog and forum community as the only way to keep his profile in the limelight.

Here's today's discovery: Google has begun to crawl Google Finance.

That screen grab comes from a link: command too. Pretty neat. We've a backlink from Google Finance.

When Google Finance went live the general Google robots.txt blocked spiders from it. Now spiders can get in.

The other little spin here is that Google Finance uses event driven text. Text that is only visible to user when they mouse over the management team (check YHOO as an example) but which is visible to the search engines all the time.


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