MEGA uses mouse movements and timings for security

I never had a MegaDownload account and had it not be hugely high profile case against Kim Dotcom and the site I would probably had no interest in Mega.

I do like cloud storage though. I use Google Drive and Dropbox often. I'm also a fan of Backblaze for automatic cloud backups. Mega's mega amount of free space was tempting but I also thought the site was something that digital marketers should know about. After all, it's hard to talk to content brands about file sharing, cloud hosting and the like if you don't have hands on experience.

The challenge? has been down from launch. Kim Dotcom has been tweeting that the server strain is all due to demand.

The site's back up. Monday morning UK time is often a good time to avoid server strain and I've signed up for an account. It looks pretty.

I was greeted with an interesting screen when I logged in for the first time. I'm not a security expert but I get what's going on here - or love the bluff - but I've connected with SSL in place.

To strength the encryption between my machine and Mega's there's a pair of huge passwords in place; 2048-bit huge. To make sure they're really random, and random is hard to do on computers, they've taken data from my mouse jiggles and typing speed to seed in data that no other algorithm could predict.

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