Sponsored Video: Nominet pitches the .co.uk TLD

I don't usually post any ads on this blog however it’s in a platform or two which allows me to see the upcoming ads of the week. As a result I noticed this video from Nominet and it’s such a good pitch for the .co.uk TLD I wanted to show it.

I’ve a host of domains. There are still certainly occasions when getting the right domain is vitally important. Everything Everwhere’s rebranding strategy would have suffered a setback if they’d failed to get at least one ee domain. In the end they got ee.co.uk. However, for many businesses the combination of social media supporting a good enough domain name is enough to build that important brand aspect.

That’s the domain name itself, though – what about the top level domain? .com or .co.uk? In the past I’ve gone to .com and then gone to .co.uk (or .net, see above) if that wasn’t available. Here’s Nominet’s pitch.

Firstly, it’s great that they’re using a brand champion for this – kudos to Tregnothan.co.uk for stepping up to the challenge.

Secondly, I think the argument that sometimes you want to be seen as “domestic” is valid.

Sure, it really helps having a .fr in France and a .ru in Russia – but the UK public is happy enough to see their brands with .com.

The Tregnothan example is a good one because it speaks to their international audience, those shoppers outside the UK, who might be interested in Tregnothan simply because to be British.

As the video says; “It comes down to some subtle details”.

Disclaimer: As noted in the introduction; this is a commercial video! The words and thoughts are all my own but Nominet are sponsoring the conversation.

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