Nintendo on two-screen TV - the TVii

We've heard a lot about the second screen or even three screen strategies and the evolution of the hardware. The thing about the TV screen is that it's big, it's very public and that's why I still think about the battle for the living room but also think that glasses, perhaps even goggles and headsets might play a role.

Nintendo have announced the launch dates for the Wii U in the US and Europe today and pulled the wrappers off a bunch of trailers.

The Nintendo TVii feels more like two-screen TV than second screen TV. The GamePad is a TV controller rather than a second screen to show additional data.

One of the reasons that social TV tends to happen off the TV is that public/private divide. You wouldn't make your family watch you compose a tweet on the big screen while you watched a program. You'd pick up your phone and tweet it. If the GamePad and TVii find traction as a part of a two-screen approach then it'll be very well placed to ride the growth in social TV.

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