An augmented future with Sight?

I tried a few times to persuade people that glasses will have a roll in the future and failed miserably in doing so. My argument was spawned from my doubts around the success of commercial 3D TV. Putting glasses on to enable the TV is a pain. Behind near a TV that's projecting 3D, when you're not really watching, is a pain. One solution would be to build in a 3D/3D off feature into glasses that people wore all the time. That would enable choice.

Except, I don't think people would wear glasses just to achieve a 3D effect. It would require a deeper, better and more compelling reason to persuade people to don specs. Now Google's launched Project Glass and I think my argument is a bit better realised now. I can persuade a few more people but not that many more. Even with Kickstarter boosting hardware dev and projects like the Oculus Rift we're still some years away from really clever "vision technology".

Sight is a short film from Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. I think it does a far better job at showing what an augmented reality future would look like. They don't use glasses. They skip ahead a generation to AR contact lenses.

Of course, given this vision of the future... perhaps people won't want the technology after all.

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