Ad agency DW+H rebrands by crowd-sourcing

There's a lot of collaboration going on. An account manager from Kindling Media dropped me an email to say that ad agency DW+H was rebranding.

DW+H is using the crowd-sourcing agency Victors & Spoils to manage an develop the process. I've a press release with the PR agency Holler ink as the contact address about it.

In said press release, Amir Haque, Co-Founding Partner at DW+H says;

“We recognize collaboration as the new competition,”

“We believe that the best way for us to be successful creating positive change is to engage others. The more like-minded advocates for a better world we can assemble, the better off we all are.”

Given the number of agencies already involved, I'd say DW+H are off to a good start. They're known for their work with eHarmony.

If you fancy being part of the crowd-sourcing effort, there's a $4000 reward for coming up with the winning name/brand over at Victor & Spoils. I've not signed up so I can't see what the traction is like but I imagine a fair few folk in adland will chip in suggestions of names for $4000.

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