Long-form journalist site Matter crowd sources $140,000

Matter promises to do long-form, thoughtful, journalism on the web. In a pitch on Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/readmatter/matter the team have raised more than $140,000 - beating their $50,000 goal.

The pitch video features Cory Doctorow, co-editor of Boing Boing, Alex Ohanian, co-founder of reddit, Matt Haughey, founder of Metafilter and Evan Doll, co-founder of Flipboard. In the video they go up against some of the more annoying blog tricks (which many in the blogging side of the business short hand as 'seo') and make a case for why we should fund, expensive, investigative journalism for tech.

I'm keen to see Matter succeed.

I also think it sets an interesting precedent. I wonder if we'll see blogs turning to Kickstarter for funding. Can you imagine what Mashable might raise if they asked their audience to seed fun a new hardware section?

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