The problem with emails from Google

I few minutes ago I got this automated email from Google. It prompted me to check that it really was from Google.

Despite the formatting, the seems to be from Google.

The key message is; "Your site appears to be running an older version of WordPress. Google recommends that you update to the latest release."

The site in question runs Wordpress 3.2. I upgraded the site to 3.2 yesterday. Wordpress 3.2 has been available since yesterday.

So, why this email from Google? The source code of the site says I'm running 3.2. Is Google struggling to recognise Wordpress 3.2 as the latest version of Google? Did Google quickly scan my site yesterday, in those few hours I was running 3.1 while 3.2 was available and schedule itself to email me today? Or is it something worse?

Does Google consider the Wordpress 3.2 code signature to be a negative quality signal?

I didn't have any of these concerns in my head yesterday. I do today and it's due to Google's email. That's the problem with the big G emailing people. They can create concern. I'm pleased that they do, though, and despite today's micro-drama I hope they continue to encourage webmasters to upgrade.

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