Is this snake fight the first Heineken ad since they appointed Google as an agency?

Heineken has struck a pretty interesting deal with Google. The digital platform (that's Google; thoughts for a better description?) will be giving Heineken extra special agency-like consultation. Over at Econsultancy Patricio Robles asked Did Google just become an agency with its Heinken deal?

Edmund Lee at AdAge thinks not. He argues that it's essentially an upfront buy. Heineken have promised plenty of million in spend to Google and in exchange the big G is promising to be helpful to their agencies; folks like AKQA and Mindshare. My blog title is misleading - Google's not really Heineken's agency, they're more like an agency's agency. Or something.

I don't know if either of those two named agencies produced the ad below, I suspect not, which follows the successful "The Entrance" commerical that recieved some viral video promotion.

What do you think? As funky as The Entrance? Or do you feel the animal warefare groups beginning to twitch their internet whiskers? Perhaps Google could report on the number of negative brand messages being shared publicly on Google+.

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