A Google A Day: Was It Worth It?

My last blog post here was rather cheeky. I was making the claim that people could and would game A Google A Day for traffic.

A Google A Day is a new daily quiz from Google which encourages people to search. With just a little bit of poking it's possible to see what the questions (and answers) will be ahead of time. Google's not daft. They tweaked the A Google A Day engine to cut down on the real-time signals to obscure any answers being surfaced by people attempting the quiz on that day.

My post took a stab at answering the question for the next day. It seemed to have worked.

What does this prove? This little academic test was to illustrate how more attractive keyword forecasting is compared to keyword research. I don't care that lots of people searched for [laptops] in 2010. What will people be searching for in 2012?

Even better; what will people be searching for just after I can can publish some content and use my influence to attract attention to it? If I can crack that combination of forecast-influence-attention then I'm in the twin heavens of SEO and Social Media delight.

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